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About us

Syntho has improved the health and well-being of individuals and the community since 1999. Highly innovative technologies and advanced solid dosage formulations allow us to quickly bring unique products to market.

Our business, scientific and legal staff operate on a small business model that quickly responds to the needs of our customers. Our particular value comes from our experienced staff, wide-ranging business resources and quality products.

Our ethical business practices have proven to be of mutual benefit to our community and customers alike. If you or your company identifies an underserved public need for a particular product, we have the science and technology that can help bring the idea to market

In addition to manufacturing and R&D, we have the capabilities of high volume packaging that allows customers to receive shipments expeditiously. We never turn business away so if you need your products to be packaged and delivered efficiently, let us have the opportunity to serve you and consider us for your packaging needs as well.

Our Products

At Syntho, we pride ourselves in carving out a niche,

luckily our team helps us make sure we can stay there.

We have been around a while and know what the demands are,

what needs should be met and how to fill them.

How do we accomplish this task? Our R&D team.

We don't produce just anything.

We find the products that are needed but can't be manufactured by just anyone.

Led by the mind of Mr. Malik, Syntho's R&D team loves a challenge.

Covaryx ™

and Syntest

The brand and EEMT, the generic, both in single strength and double strength. A proprietary formulation of a combination hormone replacement therapy drug consisting of esterified estrogens and methyl testosterone that has been our most lucrative creation yet.


Anti Inflammatory

an anti-inflammatory specifically targeted to relieve arthritis pain. In 500mg and 750mg strengths, this product is in constant high demand; Our production team is never idle, thanks to this.



HCl in 10mg and 20mg, a brand of vasodilators to help treat poor circulation.

RX Only

All products are by RX only.

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